março 25, 2010


I have been struggling for one or two years what some people struggle their entire lives with, being in love with someone you can not seem to be with. I have come to realize in these past years, that love is not as hard as some people make it to be.

When you are in the infinite state of infatuation, a feeling no word or emotion could ever come close to describing, you feel as though this life is worth living. And when you lose it, its unreal. Its a pain i cant describe. Every muscle in my body tenses and my heart pounds so hard i feel like it will kill me.
The thing i have learned most, is that this pain proves to me that my heart and felt a happiness i may never feel again.

I now know from my suffering that the time period in which i did feel this happiness was worth it. There are few moments in life in which i believe we find true happiness, a moment in which everything stands still and every emotion thought or worry is gone, and your a single soul floating in a world of ecstasy. Its a feeling i would not trade for anything.

There is no real conclusion to this, because its undescribable. I do know, that this pain i have felt, this feeling of hopelessness only shows me, i did once fall in love. And every ounce of faith in me, is devoted to the thought of reliving the happiness.

I will always have hope.